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At North East Texas Rc Club, we value safety and respect for all members. As such, we have established rules that must be followed by all members. Please note that helicopters and drones are not allowed to be flown on the premises. All members must follow the rules to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone involved.


Field Rules and Guidlines

To ensure the safety of all who utilize our flying facility, North East Texas RC Club has established a set of rules and guidelines. These rules are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Please review the guidelines before flying at our facility.

1. All members will follow frequency control rules established by the club for use at the flying


2. Each member will be held liable for any damage done to another aircraft resulting from
unauthorized transmitter operation.


3. All pilots must be AMA members.


4. All flying, except take-offs and landings will be performed only when your aircraft is away from
the pit, spectator, and parking areas.


5. Aircraft will be required to meet reasonable safety standards for air worthiness or will not be
permitted to operate. U-Control flyers shall be required to submit to a pull test, if requested by
the flying site committee. 


6. Members should feel free to have guests in the spectator area, however, spectators and
children must not be allowed in the pit area or on the flying field during any regular flying day or

club event. They may pass over the spectator line only if accompanied by a club member or
helping in a club event.


7. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the field. No flyer will be permitted to operate his
aircraft if there is evidence of intoxication.


8. Inexperienced flyers and new members will fly only when assisted by an instructor, until such
time as his proficiency increases to a point that he can fly on his own, and/or passes a basic
flight safety test.
A. The basic flight safety test will include a list of maneuvers listed below. It is to be noted that
the intent is to assure the basic ability to fly safely.
B. All maneuvers listed below must be performed according to field rules.
1.Take-off, must be straight down the runway, and include a reasonable rate of climb.
2.Three circles around the field, in the normal flight pattern for that day.
3.Landing must be on the runway, aircraft must stay within the boundaries set up for normal
operation. Model must be landed well enough to allow it to be safely re-flown after the
conclusion of the test.
C. Two flight instructors will be present when the basic flight safety test is taken. 


9. Instructors will have passed a flight test consisting of the novice AMA pattern which includes
take off, procedure turns, stall turn, Immelmann turn, three inside loops, one horizontal roll, and
a safe landing. Said test will be judged by not less than two approved instructors.


10. Safety shall take primary consideration in all events and circumstances.


11. Guest operators will abide by the rules established for the flying site.


12. Radio control flyers shall keep their aircraft clear of U-control circles and other modeling


13. All engines above .20 must have a muffler with the exception of U-Control.

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